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La Maddalena.
Cala Garibaldi - Caprera Island
La Maddalena Island
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La Maddalena
Spargi Island
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  • The Archipelago of La Maddalena

The archipelago of La Maddalena is located in the north-eastern coast of Sardinia and includes seven main islands:

  1. Maddalena
  2. Caprera
  3. Santo Stefano
  4. Spargi
  5. Budelli
  6. Razzoli
  7. Santa Maria

The archipelago is of granitic nature, rich in inlets alternating with short beaches and covered with mainly Mediterranean maquis vegetation. For its unique and uncontaminated naturalistic beauties it is a favorite destination for tourists. La Maddalena is the only urban center of the archipelago, with its 11.512 inhabitants, is a lively and welcoming small town. Developed during two phases, the first having as its fulcrum the Parish founded in 1779, the second with the base of the Italian Navy in 1887.

The town houses the Naval Archaeological Museum, inaugurated in 1982, dedicated to underwater archeology and in particular to a Roman ship sunk in the 2nd century BC.

From the port of Palau can be reached by ferry in 1 hour ride.

The island of Caprera hosts the compendium of Giuseppe Garibaldi with the Garibaldian residence, the white house and the museum.

From the island of Maddalena you can make interesting excursions by sea with private and charter boats to the smaller islands of the archipelago, which are destinations of a certain tourist frequency, linked to bathing, underwater fishing or simply enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Since 1994 the National Park of the La Maddalena Archipelago has been established. The headquarters are in via Giulio Cesare 7 in La Maddalena. The territory is mainly marine (about 78%) and is part of the area called Sanctuary for marine mammals. Together with the Natural Reserve of the Bocche di Bonifacio it will form the International Park of the Bocche di Bonifacio. The park covers a land area of ​​5.100 hectares and a marine surface of 15.046 hectares, on a front of 180 km of coastline.

La Maddalena Park


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